Does your business own a car or truck that drives around town? You’re missing a great chance to advertise your services to potential clients! With car wrap advertising performed by Inklab Signs, your car will become a driving advertisement, highlighting your services everywhere you go.


In Miami, Florida and the surrounding areas, Inklab Signs is the leading expert in car wrap advertising. With our car wrap advertising, not only will you make your brand more well-known wherever you go, you’ll also add a professional touch to your vehicle. When you arrive at an event or client’s home or business, they’ll know who you are before you ever step out of your car, van or pickup truck.


At Inklab Signs we offer high quality car wrap advertising services. Using the best materials, techniques and equipment, we apply the wrap so that it meets the design you’ve given us perfectly. Our wraps come out with bright, vibrant colors and clear lines that appear attractive on the vehicle.


Not sure how to create a car wrap advertising design. Consult with our specialists who will help you transform your business name, logo, phone number, email and any other designs you’d like to include into an attractive wrap. We recommend highlighting company colors. Of course, we always make sure that the design fits nicely over the vehicle and matches the color of your car as well. The more attractive, clear and easy to read your design is, the better response you’ll get.


Take advantage of all of your company vehicles to serve as a networking tool and advertisement for you! With Inklab Signs, you can get car wrap advertising for all of your company cars at an affordable price. Then, sit back and watch your business grow as more and more clients take note of your services.


Give Inklab Signs a call today to discuss your car wrap advertising services! Our friendly staff will be happy to answer all of your questions and talk you through the process. We look forward to serving you soon.